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This glossary will support any HR professional, business owner, or hiring manager. Here you will be able to find the knowledge of key terms and concepts shaping the hiring world.

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Rejection Letter

What is a Rejection Letter?

A Rejection Letter notifies an applicant that they have not been chosen to fill a position.

Why send a rejection letter?

  • It is a courtesy to show your appreciation for the applicant's time.
  • May leave candidates feeling resolved.
  • Sending this type of communication (although it is not the best news) will most likely leave the applicant with good feelings towards the company and they may return as a customer or applicant in the future.

Communication with applicants is hugely important to your brand and your ability to have positive future recruiting experiences...even if it isn't completely positive.

How can ApplicantPro help me with this?

Rejection letters provide closure for your applicants and can encourage them to apply again. We provide a professional, customizable rejection letter template that can be automatically emailed out to those not selected directly within the applicant tracking system. Learn more on our Candidate Experience page!

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