Our Partnership with Indeed Simply Gets Better With Time

With a long working history and trust we have established a Platinum Partnership that continues to evolve for the better. We are excited to provide incredible integrated hiring tools from Indeed that seamlessly connect with your ApplicantPro Hiring System.

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ApplicantPro + Indeed ATS Integrations

Indeed is the world's #1 Job site [1], with 300 million unique visitors every month[2]. With our partnership, you will benefit from a top-notch integrated suite of easy-to-use hiring tools. Our integrations with Indeed help you hire faster by enabling you to receive more qualified applicants with lower costs while saving valuable time by removing redundancy and manual tasks.

indeed recruiter extension

Indeed Recruiter Extension (IRX)

Seamlessly integrated into ApplicantPro, Indeed Recruiter Extension brings a host of benefits to your fingertips. Connect instantly with Indeed-recommended candidates, enhance your job ad power with market insights, and stay in the loop with real-time notifications and updates without ever leaving the ATS!

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indeed apply

Indeed Apply

The Indeed Apply Integration provides a seamless candidate-friendly application experience on Indeed and increases the likelihood of being clicked on by 30% compared to non-indeed Apply jobs. [3]

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indeed sponsored jobs

Indeed Sponsored Jobs

Sponsored Jobs are 4.5x more likely to result in a hire [3a]. This integration is enabled by default and makes it easy to sponsor a job right from your ApplicantPro account.

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indeed job screening questions

Job Screening Questions

Our Indeed Apply Integration has built-in job screening questions to help filter out candidates who don't meet your hiring needs. This allows you to focus on the best candidates and efficiently hire.

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indeed interview

Indeed Interview

Indeed Interview is a built-in virtual interviewing feature that allows employers to easily conduct interviews, access resumes, and rate candidates. This integration allows you to schedule interviews from your ApplicantPro account.

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indeed interview

Indeed Candidate Sync

The Indeed Candidate Sync integration allows you to seamlessly move applicants from Indeed into ApplicantPro, should you choose to post jobs directly to Indeed. This awesome integration will be available soon!

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indeed interview

Disposition Sync

When an employer makes an update within their ApplicantPro account to the status of an application that came from Indeed, the Disposition Sync automatically transmits the new status to Indeed.

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1. Comscore, Total Visits, September 2021

2. Indeed Internal Data, average monthly unique visitors April - September 2022

3. Indeed data (worldwide)


Platinum Partner = Deeply Integrated Tools

As one of Indeed's Platinum Partners, we get access to integrations that other ATS providers do not. When Indeed releases new integrations, our development team gets to work adding these new features to our ATS, allowing you to utilize these tools from day one.

Call us anytime for expert advice and how to utilize ApplicantPro's powerful Indeed ATS integrations

Our Client Success Team reps are Indeed experts that can help you find the best combination of hiring tools to fit your unique organization and workflows. Your designated account rep is always willing to help provide insight, answer questions, and find hiring solutions to meet your needs.


ApplicantPro has provided excellent customer service and support. The success manager and client representatives are awesome! The team is upbeat, attentive to our company's needs, always willing to offer solutions, and think outside of the box.

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How your jobs sync between ApplicantPro & Indeed

When you push a job listing to Indeed our integrations go to work and some technical magic begins. The technology connecting ApplicantPro and Indeed will essentially start a conversation. The Applicant Tracking System asks Indeed to post a new job and Indeed will reply by asking for the job listing information. After your job passes safety and quality screening (which is almost immediate with our Indeed job feed) it's then available for your applicants to apply. This makes it possible to share your job listing and the all necessary information with just a few clicks.


Take your hiring to the next level with ApplicantPro + Indeed's integrations