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Indeed's Trusted Media Network (TMN)

The Trusted Media Network(TMN) is an Indeed feature that can be used when creating a new Sponsored Job campaign to automatically deliver your sponsored jobs to a trusted group of partner sites.

Currently, there are 150 Channels that are part of TMN...Glassdoor, Wired, Career Board, and local city job boards, just to name a few!

By utilizing the TMN, Indeed is able to deliver more candidates to your open positions than previously possible. This expands the overall reach of your jobs on Indeed, as well as finding additional specialist candidates for your hardest-to-fill positions.

How does TMN work?

Once you've opted-in to the Trusted Media Network, jobs in this campaign will be distributed to relevant partners.

This process happens automatically based on job fit with a partner site, such as location and job type, without the need to manually select different partners to opt-in to.

When a job seeker clicks a job on a third-party site, they are directed to that job on Indeed, enabling all candidates to follow the exact same application process as on Indeed, whether that is through Indeed Apply or a company career site.

How can the Trusted Media Network benefit me?

Potential benefits of the TMN include:

  • An increase in overall candidate and budget delivery on campaigns
  • More quality candidates for those hard-to-fill or specialist positions
  • Improvement in performance against campaign goals
  • Potential reduction in media partners and platforms for our clients

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