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2-Step Application Process

What is a 2-Step Application Process?

A 2-Step Application Process splits a job application into two parts to make it easier for applicants to apply rather than asking for a long list of information right away.

What is included in each step of the application process?

The first step in the 2-step application process is what applicants see when they click "Apply Now." They are usually asked for the bare minimum information upfront; typically their resume, source, and screening questions. (Some disqualifying questions may be added in order to sort applicants based on whether or not they meet those qualifications. If they don't meet them they will be automatically disqualified and won't need to complete step 2.)

If the applicant meets the minimum requirements based on the information provided in the first step, they will be invited to complete the second step of the application...

The second step of the application will ask for more in-depth details such as employment history, references, and education level.

Why use a 2-Step Application?

There is a higher chance that the applicant will finish filling out your application. If the first step isn't so long that they lose interest, they will complete it. Then, if they meet the basic qualifications and are invited to complete the second step, they won't have to spend so much time all at once filling it out. They will make the time to complete the second stage. This will get you a higher completion rate.

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