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Job Ad

What is a Job Ad?

A Job Ad is a creative listing of your job openings that provide a way to attract the right candidates and push them to click "Apply". A job ad can include information about the company culture, goals, and mission, as well as some benefits or perks of the job.

What is the difference between a Job Ad and a Job Description?

A job ad is NOT a job description; they are two very different things. A job ad is meant to attract candidates to apply for the opening while a job description is meant to outline the details of the position.

Why use a job ad over a job description?

-A job description can be extremely boring to the job seeker.

-A job description makes your job appear to be the same as all of your competitors' ads.

-Job Ads are engaging and creative. They help the job seeker to envision themself working at your company in the position you are advertising. They tell the job seeker WHY they would want to work for you, not just a list of job requirements.

The biggest mistake that a company can make with their job ad is to simply copy and paste their "legally reviewed job description" into the description box.

How do I write an engaging job ad?

  • Include a short paragraph at the top of the job ad that gives the job seeker a quick overview of the job. This should only be a couple of sentences.
  • The next section should talk about the company from the perspective of an employee.
  • A description of the company's culture and what makes it a unique place to work.
  • An example of "a day in the life" in the role, not just a long list of bullet points.
  • A short list of minimum requirements and very few, if any, preferred requirements.
  • A brief description of pay, benefits, and other perks of the job.
  • An explanation of the application and hiring process.
  • A description of the employment type and schedule. Is the job part-time or full-time? What are the hours/days/holidays the job seeker will be required to work?

For step-by-step instructions on how to write a killer job ad that is sure to attract the best candidates, check out our article: Step-by-Step Template For a More Engaging Job Ad.

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