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AI-Powered Candidate Matching

What is AI-Powered Candidate Matching?

Candidate Matching is an AI-powered screening tool that rates each applicant's skills and experience against job requirements, giving hiring managers a clear picture of the top candidates without the hassle of manually sorting through hundreds of resumes.

How does ApplicantPro's AI-Powered Candidate Matching tool work?

Our AI tool evaluates every resume you receive. You'll get a Candidate Match Score that tells you exactly how well each applicant's skills and experience align with your job posting. Your applicant list is then sorted based on these match scores. This means you can focus your time on those top-notch candidates who are a good fit for your team.

What information is used to determine the job match score?

The score is based on how well the applicant's skills and experience from the resume match the job description. If the applicant's resume lacks detail, the match score may be lower.

Why should I use AI-Powered Candidate Matching?

Candidate Matching is another tool in your toolkit to help you identify top talent, reduce your recruitment cycle, and optimize talent retention.

Is AI-Powered Candidate Matching included with ApplicantPro ATS?

Yes! Premium clients can utilize our AI-Powered Candidate Matching tool within the Applicant Tracking System to help them quickly screen and identify top applicants.

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