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Applicant Screening Software

What is Applicant Screening Software?

Applicant Screening Software is software designed to help hiring managers sort candidates based on specific questions and qualifiers on a job application. This will help rank and auto-disqualify applicants.

How can Applicant Screening Software help me streamline my hiring process?

Screening software can include helpful features, such as:

When used together in the hiring process, the features of the software will help you find the best candidates and to eliminate the ones that aren't a good fit for the job opening.

How does Applicant Screening Software work with ApplicantPro?

Imagine you are making spaghetti for dinner. You have just finished cooking your pasta. You grab your favorite colander and dump the contents of your pot into it. You only keep what you want, your noodles. The rest run out the holes to the bottom and sides.

The screening feature of ApplicantPro is very similar to the colander. You write your job ad, advertise your ad, and attract applicants to your site. They apply for an open position and they are all dumped into the same pot. However, as you know, not all applicants are created equal. The Applicant Screening software will only catch the best applicants for you and filter out all of the others.

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