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Online Application

What is an Online Application?

An Online Application is an electronic job application filled out directly on a company website, a career page, or through an online job board. The application will then be sent directly to the employer's applicant tracking system or inbox. This eliminates the need for candidates to apply for jobs in-person.

What are the benefits of an online application?

  • Can be accessed by multiple users (HR, hiring managers, employers, etc.) on different computers.
  • Easier to store and organize your applications and find specific ones just by searching for the applicant's name... NO MORE FILING CABINETS TO DIG THROUGH!
  • Easy to edit without having to print all new ones.
  • Applicants can apply easily from wherever they are located instead of having to come into your office to get a paper application.
  • Data is protected with passwords.
  • Job screening questions can be added that will automatically disqualify applicants that don't meet the minimum qualifications, saving the hiring manager time by not having to review every single application that's filled out.

Putting your application online not only helps you but can also make things more convenient and streamlined with your candidates.

What are the differences between paper and online applications?

Online applications will usually ask for the same information as paper job applications. This may include the applicant's contact information, educational background, and work history/experience including job titles, and start and end dates of employment.

Online applications can also include Job Screening questions that will help filter out candidates that aren't qualified, saving the hiring manager time from having to sort through every application.

If a job seeker fills out an online application via a job board, such as Indeed, that application can also be used when applying for multiple jobs, instead of having to fill out a new one for each job they apply for.

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