dos and donts for better job ads
ApplicantPro Author - Hillary Arveseth
Hillary Arveseth

Maximize Your Job Ad's Impact: Common Pitfalls to Avoid for Better Results

Are you looking to get more applicants for your jobs?

You might be ticking all the boxes for what to include in your job ad, but are you also considering what to avoid? Sometimes, what you don't include can make all the difference between attracting a pool of qualified candidates and falling short.

Avoid these common mistakes with your job ad

  1. Job Title No-Nos Don't put the job location or salary in the job title. Did you know most job boards won't even show your ad if you do this? Keep the salary and location for the job description section.
  2. Keep Titles Simple Your job title should attract candidates, not confuse them. Don't use the job description as the title. Think of the job title as the teaser, and the job description as the detailed rundown.
  3. Less Is More Don't overload your ad with long lists of requirements and skills. Stick to the essentials-maybe five key points. And if something isn't actually required, don't list it. For example, if a Bachelor's Degree isn't necessary, don't say it is. The longer the list, the fewer applicants you'll get.
  4. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity Don't fixate on the number of years of experience. It's frustrating for candidates to see a job that's perfect for them, only to be disqualified by an arbitrary number. Focus on the quality of experience instead.
  5. Be Transparent About Pay Don't forget to list the pay or salary range. Job boards, like Indeed and Workforce, require this. If you don't include it, they might estimate it for you, leading to misunderstandings for the job seeker. Candidates want to know upfront if the job meets their financial needs. According to a recent study done by Adobe, 85% of job seekers won't apply for a job if the pay isn't listed.
Job Ad Template

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So why is it important to avoid these common mistakes when posting job ads?

  • Stay Visible: Many job boards have specific guidelines about what can and can't be included in job titles and descriptions. Follow these rules to ensure your ad is seen.
  • Keep Interest High: A job ad should be engaging and straightforward. Too much detail can overwhelm or bore candidates. Knowing what to leave out helps keep interest high and encourages more applications.
  • Attract More Talent: Avoiding unnecessary requirements opens the door to a wider range of candidates.
  • Save Time: Including the salary or salary range in the job ad helps manage expectations from the start, making the hiring process more efficient.
  • Build a Good Reputation: A well-crafted job ad reflects well on your company. Candidates are more likely to be attracted to a company that communicates clearly and effectively.

By understanding what to avoid in your job ads, you can create more effective, appealing, and compliant listings that attract the right candidates and streamline your hiring process.

If you'd like more information on crafting the perfect job ad, check out our FREE Job Ad Template!

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dos and donts for better job ads
Maximize Your Job Ad's Impact: Common Pitfalls to Avoid for Better Results

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