applicant communication inbox

Applicant Communication Inbox

We streamline the communication between applicants and HR managers with one easy-to-use system. Don't let your communication processes get bogged down. Maintaining communication is crucial to eliminate the risk of the applicant ghosting you and your hiring process.

Applicant Tracking System

Unlock your hiring potential.

Easily text and email your applicants with the Communication Inbox

Your Applicant Tracking System is full of qualified applicants and communicating with each of them can get messy! With ApplicantPro's communication inbox, you can easily send personalized texts and emails to your applicants and store each conversation within the system. On average, it takes 90 seconds to respond to a text message, compared to the average 90 minutes to respond to an email. This ability to text via your communication inbox significantly speeds up communication - Speeding up your hiring process and keeping job seekers engaged!

communication inbox

Send rejection and offer letters

Utilizing ApplicantPro's electronic offer letter tool allows you to send out customizable offer letters, send it off to internal users for approval if needed, and then to your selected candidates to electronically sign them and send them back. A copy of the approval history and completed offer letters are available in the system for future reference and for a more complete electronic employee file.

Application confirmation emails

Have you ever applied for a job, clicked submit, and then wondered if your application actually went through? Or, maybe you didn't actually click submit and never applied for the job after all. I guess we'll never. The unknown can be frustrating for job seekers and may lead to duplicate applications, or unfinished ones that inevitably result in lost qualified applicants. At ApplicantPro, we'll take the guessing out of the application process by immediately sending automated confirmation emails thanking your applicants for applying!