applicant management

Hiring Manager Collaboration

Collaborate with your team seamlessly and securely directly within your ATS. You can leave notes, update and track statuses, and control feature use to easily communicate with other hiring managers and ensure you're all on the same page.

Applicant Tracking System

Unlock your hiring potential.

unlimited user logsin

Unlimited user logins

When making hiring decisions collaboration is key and you shouldn't be slowed down because you need another user seat. Additional logins can be expensive with other Applicant Tracking Systems. That's why we offer unlimited logins so you don't have to pick and choose who gets an account. With custom permission settings you can determine how much access each account should have. Allowing everyone to see the applicant pool you want them to see, review, rate, and much more.

Permissions levels


Unlimited access to all jobs, applicants, and settings in your account.

Non-Posting Manager

Can manage applicants within their assigned business unit(s).

Assigned Users

Can only manage applicants that have been assigned to them.

Posting Manager

Post job listings and manage applicants within their assigned business unit(s).

Viewing Manager

Can only view applicants within their assigned business unit(s).

Barb, put the sticky notes down Just leave one in the ATS

You and your managers can add notes throughout the process within each candidate's profile. Along with unlimited manager logins, this provides one more level of compliance and collaboration. Get those sticky notes off your monitor and into one online, trackable area.

Rank, review, hire

The 5-star ranking feature allows each hiring manager to review each applicant and score them based on application, resume, interview, etc - it's easy to use and even easier to review. Our software will then take an average calculation to give each applicant a final 1-5 star ranking. There are also additional customizable ranking features you can use to meet internal criteria.

Track hiring stages with applicant statuses and disposition data

As your applicants move through the hiring process, you can show their progress along the way with stage tracking. At a glance, you and your hiring managers can see if an applicant is ready to be interviewed or removed for not meeting minimum requirements. Continue tracking with disposition code tracking as well. We have a special place for that information that can be pulled in an easy-to-use report.