streamline hiring process with indeed interviews

Streamline your hiring process with Indeed Interviews

Do you feel like you spend too much time on the interviewing process of hiring? Do you set up a lot of interviews only to be ghosted; wasting time that could have been spent on more important things?

Virtual interviews have become the newest and easiest way to conduct interviews (post-Covid especially). 60% of hiring managers now use video interviews during the hiring process and have said that it makes the interview almost 6 times faster (1).

Indeed has made a very simple-to-use integration called "Indeed Interview" that will help you streamline and speed up your interview process. Indeed Interviews have been proven to reduce the number of no-shows significantly and have been described as more advanced and easier to use than other virtual interview platforms.

What is Indeed Interview?

This virtual interview integration allows interviews to be done online. Indeed has simplified scheduling and made conducting interviews so much easier; making your hiring process a lot faster. This platform is the perfect way to meet the candidate for the first time or follow up with your top choices to get to know them better before making the final decision on who you're going to hire.

How do the virtual interviews work?

Indeed has made it so simple and user-friendly to do these interviews!

The first step in using Indeed Interviews is setting up the interview on your account. You can select the candidate you want to interview, choose the date and time of your interview, and even send the invitation for your interview right from ApplicantPro.

Next, you will be able to manage your interview. Your scheduled interviews will appear in your account. You will receive email notifications to keep you informed about all of your interviews. If someone cancels their interview, you will be notified so you will always know what's going on.

Indeed will send reminders and interviewing tips to both the candidates and the hiring managers leading up to the interview, ensuring a successful experience for everyone involved.

And lastly, you can conduct the interview right from Indeed... there are no apps to download or links to manage. You and your candidate will receive a link on the day of your appointment that will take you to your virtual interview. While speaking with the job candidate you'll also be able to see their resume and take notes on Indeed. You can also have the candidate do multiple interviews by adding more hiring managers to the appointment.

When the interview is done you can update the candidate's status within the ATS, making it easier to remember which candidates are your top choices.

What are the benefits of Indeed Interview?

Unlike Zoom, this is a virtual lobby with separate interview rooms for each candidate. It's as if each candidate were to go to your building for an interview. You can call the candidate back, you can place people back in the waiting room if you need to continue chatting with them after another interview, and they can set up appointments with multiple interviewers.

And the best part is that... it's FREE for employers with an Indeed account!

There have been over 5.7 million interviews scheduled on Indeed (2). And of those 5.7 million interviews, there have been 40% fewer "no-shows" on average compared to those scheduled for in-person interviews (3). Indeed Interviews is a must-have tool to get those highly qualified candidates interviewed for your jobs.

Is ApplicantPro Integrated with Indeed Interview?

Yes! As one of Indeed's Platinum Partners, ApplicantPro's clients have the ability to initiate interviews within their ApplicantPro account.

If you'd like to hear more about Indeed Interviews or how we can help you implement this with your company, please click the link below to set up a time to chat!

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[2] Indeed Data (US)

[3] Indeed Data (worldwide)

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