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ApplicantPro's response to COVID-19

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it seems like almost every part of our lives has been completely changed in the last few weeks. We're all trying to keep our employees protected and teams intact, while also accommodating new working arrangements. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through this period of chaos and uncertainty.

Seeing all the added stress that my clients and other companies are dealing with, I began to wonder... “What can we do to continue to help keep hiring processes running smoothly amidst all this chaos?"

While we strive to maintain our hiring processes here at ApplicantPro, we've relied heavily on the power of virtual assessments and screening tools. During this time of social distancing, the ability to video interview candidates has been a total game changer allowing us to see an applicant's true self, without jeopardizing the safety of a candidate, and our organization.

How Can Video Interviews Help Maintain Your Hiring Process During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Ensures safety

During this time of social distancing, you shouldn't be sitting in a small office with multiple people conducting interviews. You and your team can remain healthy and happy while still building your team.

Helps find the right person

Get to know more about the person who applied for the opening. It's more than just a resume or cover letter.

Saves you time

We all know that filling an open position is a critical role in business. With video interviewing you can quickly and efficiently screen multiple candidates.

Share with the team

Managers can coordinate, collaborate, watch interviews, and maintain the screening process all from a distance.

Flexible Opportunities

Record & Re-record functionality allows candidates to put their best foot forward.

In an effort to help our clients continue to meet the needs of their organization and maintain their hiring processes, we've teamed up with Wedge--our fully integrated video interviewing solution to offer all ApplicantPro clients the option to virtually screen candidates.

You might feel isolated and that you can't continue to add valuable talent to your organization. That's why we believe Wedge can help conduct personal video interviews to continue screening and hiring applicants remotely!

Don't allow COVID-19 to slow down your hiring process.

If you'd like to see what ApplicantPro can do for you, get started today!

To everyone that thought 2020 was going to be their year - we still have another 9 months! We got this!

Good Luck Hiring!

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