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Optimizing the Applicant's Journey

We've all taken this journey at some point in our lives...we need a job, so we begin the job hunt. Some experiences have been a breeze and gone so smoothly, other times, it's been a nightmare! But in order to get hired, sometimes you have to trudge through a difficult journey.

You can make this journey easier on your applicants. You have the power to change the way this is done and to make job seekers excited to come work for you by making their first interactions with you as easy and seamless as possible.

Let's walk through what the applicant's journey SHOULD look like!

Discovering The Job Ad

A job seeker's first impression of your company will usually be made when they read your job ad, so you need to make sure your job ad is perfect! How do you write the best job ad possible? Here are some tips from our expert job ad writers:

  • Include a short paragraph at the top of the job ad that gives the job seeker a quick overview of the job. This should only be a couple of sentences.
  • The next section should talk about the company from the perspective of an employee.
  • A description of the company's culture and what makes it a unique place to work.
  • An example of "a day in the life" in the role.
  • A short list of minimum requirements and very few, if any, preferred requirements.
  • A brief description of pay, benefits, and other perks of the job.
  • An explanation of the application and hiring process.
  • A description of the employment type and schedule.

Drawing in a job seeker with a compelling job ad is the most important thing you can do to attract good talent! If your job ad is boring and not enticing, they'll scroll on past your ad and never apply. Check out this free template to help you write the perfect job ad.

The Application Process

How streamlined is your application process? Do you require the applicants that find your jobs on job boards to redirect? Is your application mobile-friendly and do you use Quick Apply? Do you use a 2-stage application?

According to a 2022 study, 9 out of 10 job seekers never finish your job for every 1 application you see, there are 9 others who started to apply but never finished...that's a lot of talent to miss out on.

Here are 3 easy ways to make your application process easier for job seekers:

  1. Use a short, 2-stage application. Create a quick application (3-5 minutes) that only asks for the essentials...
    • Contact info
    • Resume
    • 3-5 short questions to see if they meet the essential hard requirements for the job
  2. Make your application mobile friendly! In 2021 almost 70% of applications were done on a mobile device. Ensuring job seekers can apply from their mobile devices will bring you a lot more talent.
  3. Quick Apply! Use this on all the job boards so you don't lose applicants in the redirect. If you require someone that finds your job on a job board to then click over to your company's website and start their application from scratch, or even worse, create an account to apply for your job, they are going to abandon your application and move on to another job that is more streamlined. Take advantage of the Quick Apply feature!

Check out this tool for more information on optimizing your application process.

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Application Process

Streamline your application process to convert more job seekers into qualified applicants

The Job Interview

When an applicant comes in for an interview, make sure they feel like they are your priority. Turn off your phone, eliminate distractions, be punctual, and stay focused. If they come in and you are constantly checking your phone, if people are barging into your office and interrupting, or if you are late to the interview, they will feel like they aren't important and will lose interest in working for you. Treat them the way you would expect them to act if they were your employee.

Candidate Engagement

What is candidate engagement? It's the process of continuous communication with your applicants throughout the recruitment process. This can be through phone calls, texts, emails, or face-to-face.

Why is engagement important?

  • Constant communication with your applicants will keep them interested in your job.
  • It will prevent the applicant from ghosting you.
  • And most importantly, it will give your applicants a great impression of your company, making them excited to work for you!

So if you want to hang on to your applicants, keep in touch with them throughout the process so they know what's going on!


The final step of the Applicant's journey is the onboarding process once a job offer is accepted. This step typically involves learning the performance aspects of the job, filling out legal paperwork, and learning the culture of the organization.

Why is your onboarding process so important to the applicant's journey?

  1. Higher Job Satisfaction: Employees who receive a thorough onboarding experience are more likely to feel connected to the company, understand their role, and feel supported by their colleagues. All this can lead to increased job satisfaction and happier employees.
  2. Increased Productivity: Effective onboarding can provide employees with the necessary tools, training, and resources to be successful in their roles. This can help new hires to learn their job faster, make fewer mistakes, and be more productive in their work.
  3. Employee Retention: When employees feel welcomed and supported during their onboarding, they are more likely to stay with the company long-term. This can help reduce the costs associated with turnover, such as recruitment and training expenses, and will leave you with a more experienced crew of employees!
  4. Enhanced Employer Branding: A positive onboarding experience can help to create a positive image of the company and attract top talent in the future. This can be particularly important in industries where competition for skilled workers is high...if your employees have a very positive experience, they're going to spread the word.

Overall, an effective onboarding program can set your applicants up for success!

So how does your application process measure up?

To attract great talent, ensure your applicant journey is seamless and painless. By optimizing each stage, you'll make it easier on your applicants and they'll be more likely to apply for your jobs. If you need assistance with this process, click the link below to schedule a chat with one of our hiring experts today.

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5 Steps to Optimizing Your Application Process

Covert Job seekers into qualified applicants!

5 steps to optimizng your application process!

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