Recruiting With the 4 P's of Marketing

A guide to improving your hiring results using the four core puzzle pieces for recruiting applicants.

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What's Inside?

  • A framework to help you think through your hiring process like a marketer.

  • The key to unlocking your recruiting potential.

  • A list of questions you should be asking yourself.

  • The power to improve your results.

  • The four core puzzles pieces for recruiting applicants.

recruiting with marketing

How to Recruit With the 4 P's of Marketing

Marketers believe they have the ability to actively change their approach and the way that they're doing things. They believe that those changes will substantially impact their results and that they have the power to take control of what's going on. For decades, marketers have done this by using the Four P's to find a marketing mix. They don't just focus on one thing, they focus on maintaining, balancing, and improving all four areas.

As HR professionals, managers, and business owners, we can Recruit with the 4 P's of Marketing by assessing and improving our current hiring approach. This tool will help you identify the four core puzzle pieces for recruiting qualified applicants and uncover the power to fuel your talent engine. Utilizing this tool will help you tap into unthought-of applicant pools, and provide you with the keys to unlocking your hiring potential.

Are you ready to think like a marketer and unlock the potential you have to recruit qualified applicants?