Become a Hiring Ghostbuster

A guide to mitigating ghosting in the three most common areas of the hiring process ghosting occurs.

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become a hiring ghostbuster

What's Inside?

  • A tool to help you find the areas in your hiring process candidates are ghosting your jobs.

  • How to understand your target market and think like your ideal candidate.

  • Powerful insight into what job seekers are thinking as they apply for your positions.

  • The resources you need to conduct effective and efficient interviews.

  • The ability to increase your qualified applicant pool.

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How to Become a Hiring Ghostbuster

Let's face it... no one likes being ghosted.

We've all felt the anger, frustration, and just downright disappointment when being ghosted.

We're not talking about your date last Friday night you haven't heard back from (although that sucks as well)... we're talking about qualified, fit applicants that suddenly stop responding to your emails. They were the perfect fit! You wanted to progress them to the next phase in your hiring process! What went wrong?

It's easy to point fingers and blame the applicant, but have you considered what YOU might have done to cause their ghosting?

This guide is a complete dive into the three most common areas where candidates ghost the hiring process. It'll highlight ways your organization can better your chances of keeping applicants engaged throughout, resulting in better hires and happier employees. A win, win... right?!

Are you ready to become a hiring ghostbuster?